Prelude to ‘Memory Failure’

To get you in the mood, here’s a specially written prelude to the new film Memory Failure, written by Paul Ferry.  Dr Claire Wheeler, hypnotherapist, had had a very tiring morning. Firstly, she’d had the client who wanted to quit smoking but smelled like an explosion in an ashtray factory; then there was the man who was desperate to remember where he’d hidden the letters he’d exchanged with another woman before his wife found them. Neither was the sort of thing that she had gone into hypnotherapy for. By 11am, she found herself with no appointment on her books, so … Continue reading Prelude to ‘Memory Failure’

What’s It All About?

MEMORY FAILURE Hypnotherapist Dr Claire Wheeler thinks that her new client is just a little eccentric. She doesn’t know the half of it! Under hypnosis, the funny little man who calls himself the Doctor reveals a far-fetched tale of time travel and alien scavengers. Pretty soon, Claire finds herself helping the Doctor in a deadly race against time to stop the wretched Scavs from exploding a terraforming device on the planet Earth and destroying every living thing on its surface. Memory Failure is the sixth full Timebase production (our first in 15 years) and stars Paul Ferry as the new Doctor. … Continue reading What’s It All About?