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Logo New 3

A possible design for the new TimeBase logo? Well, maybe. This logo – an amalgam of the 70s diamond logo and the 80s neon logo was designed by Paul Ferry. What do you think?


After the Flood ( Après le Déluge)

Cover copy

In 2014, Timebase Productions celebrated their 20th Anniversary. To commemorate this, the idea was proposed to record a special audio adventure featuring the original Timebase Doctor. Rupert Booth. Titled After the Flood (Après le Déluge), it told the tale of the Doctor and his new (hologramatic) companion Mai taking part in a submarine race around a submerged Paris. The story also featured the Cybermen and a host of Classic Doctor cameos.

Writer Paul Ferry: “I wanted to do something that we couldn’t possibly have done on video. It’s a shame that so many fan audios, in their desire to be like the classic series, settle for very traditional Doctor Who stories. Why have a 2-room base under siege when the medium allows you to have the whole universe exploding? After the Flood was my love letter to Jules Verne and the French science fiction tradition; I’m sure a lot of people would’ve found it a bit too humorous, but I was aiming for a fun romp in the mode of The Five Doctors rather than something dark and heavy.”

Sadly, for multiple reasons, After the Flood never came to pass, but the script still exists, so you never know what the future holds. Paul also wrote a short preview to be published on a website not unlike this. It’s called Before the Flood – a title that was snapped up by the TV series a few years later – and there’s a chance that it might turn up here on the Timebase blog in the weeks to come.


Excerpt from the Encyclopedia Galactica (443rd Edition)

SCAV  <skæv>

plural: scavs / slang informal contraction: scavenger

The so-called ‘Zone 4 Scavs’ are the sole intelligent life form native to the planet Zastor in the Pegasus Dwarf Irregular Galaxy. Originating from the genus vermicularis, the species evolved below ground to avoid the harsh glare of the planet’s twin suns, venturing to the surface only at night to scavenge; hence their pallid complexions and light-intolerant eyesight.

Upon becoming a more advanced species, the race developed protective clothing which allowed them to inhabit to the surface in daytime. Eventually, they ventured into space and continued their scavenging on neighbouring planets, hence acquiring their nickname. The word ‘Scav’ was originally a term of derision, but was reclaimed by the species to foster a more intimidating image.

Since voyaging further into space, the Scavs have garnered a reputation not only as scavengers, but also as amoral factotums, willing to undertake various tasks, irrespective of political or ethical standpoints, for the right price. They operate in small units of no more than 20, led by a captain and a second-in-command. Higher ranks are generally recognisable by extravagant accoutrements and accessories stolen from other cultures