Prelude to Memory Failure: Lazlo’s Big Score

Here’s the first in what might be a series of preludes to the forthcoming Timebase film Memory Failure; Lazlo’s Big Score by Paul Ferry. Under his breath, Lazlo vowed that the next time he saw Mephlim he was going to punch him in the face. With his metal arm, not the soft one. Flesh and bone was too good for that treacherous creep; he deserved solid-state cybernetics – right in the middle of his scaly snout. An easy job, he’d said; just a few pieces of machinery to smuggle across the Alpha Barricade. Well, it turned out that, when assembled, … Continue reading Prelude to Memory Failure: Lazlo’s Big Score

Excerpt from the Encyclopedia Galactica (443rd Edition)

SCAV  <skæv> plural: scavs / slang informal contraction: scavenger The so-called ‘Zone 4 Scavs’ are the sole intelligent life form native to the planet Zastor in the Pegasus Dwarf Irregular Galaxy. Originating from the genus vermicularis, the species evolved below ground to avoid the harsh glare of the planet’s twin suns, venturing to the surface only at night to scavenge; hence their pallid complexions and light-intolerant eyesight. Upon becoming a more advanced species, the race developed protective clothing which allowed them to inhabit to the surface in daytime. Eventually, they ventured into space and continued their scavenging on neighbouring planets, … Continue reading Excerpt from the Encyclopedia Galactica (443rd Edition)

Prelude to ‘Memory Failure’

To get you in the mood, here’s a specially written prelude to the new film Memory Failure, written by Paul Ferry.  Dr Claire Wheeler, hypnotherapist, had had a very tiring morning. Firstly, she’d had the client who wanted to quit smoking but smelled like an explosion in an ashtray factory; then there was the man who was desperate to remember where he’d hidden the letters he’d exchanged with another woman before his wife found them. Neither was the sort of thing that she had gone into hypnotherapy for. By 11am, she found herself with no appointment on her books, so … Continue reading Prelude to ‘Memory Failure’