The Shape of Things

It’s been a while since we’ve had an update on Memory Failure, the new Timebase Production. So here’s one. There have been a few changes to the production; the two-part format of the original has been re-jigged into a feature length (ish) one-parter, still retaining the name Memory Failure. The Doctor’s companion, originally called Claire Wheeler, briefly became Casey Wheeler, before becoming Misty Marshall. Paul Ferry: “Misty was the name of the companion in the two proposed audio adventures Battling Gods and The Gingerbread House Murders. I always liked the name but didn’t think it suited a professional hypnotherapist. I … Continue reading The Shape of Things

Great News For All Readers!

Don’t worry, we’re not going to be merged with Buster* but there are some exciting changes coming to the Timebase Productions Blog. For starters, we’ve had a general clean-up and categorised our features into an order which is easier to follow. Go to the bottom of the page to view our features by category. If you’re only interested in Classic Timebase, you can just view those features and so on. Also, we’re planning to expand a wee bit and start including a few general Doctor Who pieces under the category The World of Doctor Who. This’ll include reviews, news and … Continue reading Great News For All Readers!

What’s It All About?

MEMORY FAILURE Hypnotherapist Dr Claire Wheeler thinks that her new client is just a little eccentric. She doesn’t know the half of it! Under hypnosis, the funny little man who calls himself the Doctor reveals a far-fetched tale of time travel and alien scavengers. Pretty soon, Claire finds herself helping the Doctor in a deadly race against time to stop the wretched Scavs from exploding a terraforming device on the planet Earth and destroying every living thing on its surface. Memory Failure is the sixth full Timebase production (our first in 15 years) and stars Paul Ferry as the new Doctor. … Continue reading What’s It All About?