After the Flood ( Après le Déluge)

In 2014, Timebase Productions celebrated their 20th Anniversary. To commemorate this, the idea was proposed to record a special audio adventure featuring the original Timebase Doctor. Rupert Booth. Titled After the Flood (Après le Déluge), it told the tale of the Doctor and his new (hologramatic) companion Mai taking part in a submarine race around a submerged Paris. The story also featured the Cybermen and a host of Classic Doctor cameos. Writer Paul Ferry: “I wanted to do something that we couldn’t possibly have done on video. It’s a shame that so many fan audios, in their desire to be … Continue reading After the Flood ( Après le Déluge)

Document Who

While we’re anxiously awaiting news on the relaunch of Memory Failure – and there will be some soon, folks – here are some ultra-rare archive documents from the early days of TimeBase, including notes from the first ever production meeting, the first page of the script for ‘Rebirth’ (later to become ‘Regenesis’) and some random notes for what would eventually become ‘Paradise in Chains’. They’re a bit feint, but hopefully still readable. Enjoy! Continue reading Document Who