The Shape of Things

It’s been a while since we’ve had an update on Memory Failure, the new Timebase Production. So here’s one. There have been a few changes to the production; the two-part format of the original has been re-jigged into a feature length (ish) one-parter, still retaining the name Memory Failure. The Doctor’s companion, originally called Claire Wheeler, briefly became Casey Wheeler, before becoming Misty Marshall. Paul Ferry: “Misty was the name of the companion in the two proposed audio adventures Battling Gods and The Gingerbread House Murders. I always liked the name but didn’t think it suited a professional hypnotherapist. I … Continue reading The Shape of Things

Most Exciting: Dr. Who & the Daleks on the Big Screen… IN COLOUR!

When I first got into Doctor Who fandom in a big way in the late 1980s, the received wisdom amongst fans was that the two Peter Cushing films from the 60s, Dr Who and the Daleks and Daleks’ Invasion Earth: 2150ad, were worthless rubbish. Which is strange, because almost everyone that I spoke to would say ‘Actually, I rather like them’ with a sort of guilty pleasure look on their face. Everyone had an incredible fondness for them from watching endless reruns during on a Saturday morning or during the school holidays in the 70s, wedged between episodes of Champion … Continue reading Most Exciting: Dr. Who & the Daleks on the Big Screen… IN COLOUR!

Looking On: the Latest News on Doctor Who Series 11

Strange Skins Digital’s Gemma Knight looks at all the latest news, rumours and downright lies concerning Jodie Whittaker’s first series as Doctor Who… The future of Doctor Who is shrouded in mystery. At no time in the past has so very little been known about where the series was going and how it is going to get there. All that we know for absolute sure is that the Thirteenth Doctor is a woman and she will be played by Jodie Whittaker. The BBC has released photographs of Jodie’s new costume as the Thirteenth Doctor. For a long time, many fans … Continue reading Looking On: the Latest News on Doctor Who Series 11

Film-making for Pyromaniacs: the Story of Blake’s 3½

Whilst rummaging through a bunch of old files, I came across this article written in 2002 about a fan video made over a decade before that. The video was called Blake’s 3½ and it was made by FMtv, one of the North East film-making groups that eventually merged to form Timebase. I thought it might give an interesting insight into our early days as film-makers and the fun we had back in our youthful days!   Paul Ferry (2018) Attack of the Autons* had left everyone at FMtv feeling a little low. We had worked for years on the project, and the … Continue reading Film-making for Pyromaniacs: the Story of Blake’s 3½

Review of ‘Doctor Who – Rose’ by Russell T. Davies.

For anyone who grew up in Britain in the 1970s, the Target novelisations were as much a part of Doctor Who as the television series itself. Along with Doctor Who Weekly in the latter part of the decade, they provided a vital link with the series when it wasn’t on the air. I remember walking home from the local library with a huge pile of the colourful hardbacks; I didn’t necessarily read them all at once, but I was attracted to the exciting, vibrant colours and – when I did eventually read them – by the exciting, vibrant prose. Now … Continue reading Review of ‘Doctor Who – Rose’ by Russell T. Davies.

Paul Ferry’s 10 Favourite Doctor Who Fan Films

Listed below are the 10 Doctor Who fan videos that I have found most entertaining, inspiring and impressive over the many years that I’ve been interested in such things. I use the words ‘fan video’ in the traditional sense, meaning dramatic or comic presentations, rather than clips edited to music (which we called ‘scratch videos’ in my day). They’re listed in chronological order, rather than order of merit, because they’re all equally special to me. If you’re lucky, you might find some of them online. DAY OF THE DUSTBINS / ALISTAIR ANORAK INVESTIGATES The West Midlands Whonatics (1987) I’m cheating … Continue reading Paul Ferry’s 10 Favourite Doctor Who Fan Films

Great News For All Readers!

Don’t worry, we’re not going to be merged with Buster* but there are some exciting changes coming to the Timebase Productions Blog. For starters, we’ve had a general clean-up and categorised our features into an order which is easier to follow. Go to the bottom of the page to view our features by category. If you’re only interested in Classic Timebase, you can just view those features and so on. Also, we’re planning to expand a wee bit and start including a few general Doctor Who pieces under the category The World of Doctor Who. This’ll include reviews, news and … Continue reading Great News For All Readers!