Document Who

While we’re anxiously awaiting news on the relaunch of Memory Failure – and there will be some soon, folks – here are some ultra-rare archive documents from the early days of TimeBase, including notes from the first ever production meeting, the first page of the script for ‘Rebirth’ (later to become ‘Regenesis’) and some random notes for what would eventually become ‘Paradise in Chains’.

They’re a bit feint, but hopefully still readable. Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Document Who

    1. Unfortunately not, Duncan. TimeBase was always a team and we have to respect the wishes of every member of that team.

      More than one of the members who worked on those early films has expressed the wish for them not to be put online and we have to respect that wish.

      You might occasionally find unauthorised uploads of the films on the likes of YouTube, but I’m afraid I can’t point you in the direction of any.


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