Banner This Filth!


Just a bit of fun banner artwork to remind you that, yes, we’re still here and still going on with this film. There’s been a setback or five, but are we disheartened…? Yes. I mean, No. More MemFail (as the cool kids call it) news coming soon!

#memfail (or something)


3 thoughts on “Banner This Filth!

  1. Looking forward for it!The photos and the sypnosis really hooked me,do you guys have a date to release it?And waht about your previous work?I looks very inteteresting but I did not foudn anything.


    1. Thanks for your interest. Couldn’t possibly quote a release date as we haven’t started principle photography yet! But sometime in early 2017, I’d say. As for our previous stuff, it’s not officially online at the request of some of the participants, but unofficial copies do crop up from time to time.


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