What’s It All About?

MEMORY FAILURE Hypnotherapist Dr Claire Wheeler thinks that her new client is just a little eccentric. She doesn’t know the half of it! Under hypnosis, the funny little man who calls himself the Doctor reveals a far-fetched tale of time travel and alien scavengers. Pretty soon, Claire finds herself helping the Doctor in a deadly race against time to stop the wretched Scavs from exploding a terraforming device on the planet Earth and destroying every living thing on its surface. Memory Failure is the sixth full Timebase production (our first in 15 years) and stars Paul Ferry as the new Doctor. … Continue reading What’s It All About?

A Brief History of Timebase

TIMEBASE FILMS were formed in 1994 by the amalgamation of several North East amateur film-making groups who all shared a common love of DOCTOR WHO. Our first 2-part video adventure was REGENESIS in 1994, starring Rupert Booth as the Doctor. Production of the second video, the 4-part Cyberman epic PHASE FOUR was delayed and extensive reshoots meant that although it was the second story chronologically, it was completed fourth. The 2-parter PARADISE IN CHAINS introduced a new companion, the psychic vampire Amaryllis, and LONG SHADOWS saw the Doctor meeting up with Shakespeare – 10 years before THE SHAKESPEARE CODE on … Continue reading A Brief History of Timebase