Document Who

While we’re anxiously awaiting news on the relaunch of Memory Failure – and there will be some soon, folks – here are some ultra-rare archive documents from the early days of TimeBase, including notes from the first ever production meeting, the first page of the script for ‘Rebirth’ (later to become ‘Regenesis’) and some random notes for what would eventually become ‘Paradise in Chains’. They’re a bit feint, but hopefully still readable. Enjoy! Continue reading Document Who

Excerpt from the Encyclopedia Galactica (443rd Edition)

SCAV  <skæv> plural: scavs / slang informal contraction: scavenger The so-called ‘Zone 4 Scavs’ are the sole intelligent life form native to the planet Zastor in the Pegasus Dwarf Irregular Galaxy. Originating from the genus vermicularis, the species evolved below ground to avoid the harsh glare of the planet’s twin suns, venturing to the surface only at night to scavenge; hence their pallid complexions and light-intolerant eyesight. Upon becoming a more advanced species, the race developed protective clothing which allowed them to inhabit to the surface in daytime. Eventually, they ventured into space and continued their scavenging on neighbouring planets, … Continue reading Excerpt from the Encyclopedia Galactica (443rd Edition)